Another year has raced by and after what has been quite a relaxing winter Robbie and Connie at NZ Adventures are making preparations
for another busy season of multi day tours starting off in mid November with our very popular West Coast Explorer 5 day. Apart from the High Country Heritage the West Coast is the longest established tour in the lineup and the only tour we offer more than once in a season with another running in April.


An exciting aspect of the November West Coast for us this year is it
will be by far our biggest International trip with a significant number of Australians travelling over to drive tracks totally unlike anything they could find at home.


Best and worst aspects of the year so far is that all our tours for the

2018/19 season are fully booked with waiting lists on several. Good for us but disapointing for people who would like to travel with us and find they can't. There's always next season and we expect to be setting our new seasons dates in early February.


The NZ Adventures tour lineup remains unaltered this year with the
only changes being Day 2 of the Eastern Explorer and Day 3 of the High Country Heritage where track damage due to weather events has been



NZ Adventures 4x4 Tours, Seasonal Newsletter

so constant and significant that we have changed the route of those trips on those days. The change to the Eastern Explorer route is so large that we are moving to two consecutive overnights at the very popular


Hawdun Lodge in Ranfurly and dropping Oamaru as a stopover. The
tour will spend more time in the mountains northwest of the Danseys Pass and the change allows time to drive through and learn something
of a historic Central Otago sheep station all on Day 2. Changes but exciting positive changes and the addition of another farm property is bound to be a popular move.


Early spring has seen Robbie ranging far and wide clearing slips and woody weed growth off some of the tracks on both the West Coast and South Canterbury tracks. Its certainly a dynamic environment and thats especially evident at the time of writing with deep snow in the high country meaning a lot of snowmelt is required before our first High Country Tour assembles in a little over a month.

Situation normal for NZ Adventures.


Robbie and Connie Crickett.

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